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The Little Things...

Updated: May 7, 2019

Watch the Youtube video: https://youtu.be/MFgNIAMHHgs

Things have been a bit chaotic this week so I have been reflecting a little bit about life, and how the little things create meaning and detail to our life. We went filming with my sister and her dog Snow, this short video while driving on a long lonely road in Provo, Utah. The interesting thing was to acknowledge that we are the ones who create those little things...

We create life the way we want, we see life the way we choose to, we believe the things about ourselves the way we believe them. We are our own creators, we are our own architects of our life.

I came up with the idea of learning longboard 6 years ago when I moved to Utah, but I have just been procrastinating the idea of actually learning to do it. This week I said, "I will do it now." If I choose today to be negative about learning this new skill, and choosing that I am scared to do it and that I Can't Do It!, then my mind will of course believe that thought, and then I will act upon what my thoughts are. We are the ones who decide to be successful, to learn new skills, to enjoy even the hardest moments, we need to choose to be positive in every single aspect, at the end; that is how we will grow! We decide how to paint the picture of our life.

promise will update when I know how to Longboard!

xoxo Kenia

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