Did you know I love Guinea Pigs?

It might be true that I've never talked about my love for Guinea Pigs, but I certainly have a thing for these little creatures... They have stole my whole heart!! and it started when my young sister got herself one a few years back... well, you also know that I'm a photographer, so the photoshoot of them can't be missed! so here is this blog to know a little bit about my piggies along with a short session I did a few days ago of this cute little baby boy.

I currently have three Guinea Pigs I own; 2 girls and 1 boy, but they became six about three weeks ago... why? because the boy got pregnant one of the girls!

The boy was separate from the girls, but at that time that I got one of the girls, she was so small that she could fit into the holes of the cage that she would just go to the side of the boy's cage. Buuuut what could I do? I covered their division with coroplast, but she would always find her way back to the other side, I don't know how! but they say:

“I'm a little piggy cute and stout, here are my feetsies, here is my mouth; when I get all hungry, hear me shout Wheek Wheek Wheek or I will pout”

Well... long story short, a few weeks later, this little boy was born with his two other sisters, I will be sharing his sisters soon, but for now enjoy this session from this little cute boy.

till next time...

Kenia L.

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