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Updated: Apr 24, 2019

"Nature is pleased with simplicity" -Unknown

Hi all!

So this is my first post and I am excited to share with you all this time about my experience at Moab. It is interesting that I've lived in Utah for a little over five years and last month was my very first time visiting the Arches National Park at Moab which is located in the Southeast part of Utah. So it was actually my mom, sister, and I the ones who decided to go with some other family friends on this One-day fun adventure. From where we live, it is exactly a 3 hrs 6 min drive. We left at around 6:30 AM and got there past 10 AM since we made a few stops. By the time we arrived, the sun was high and weather was really hot that you could even feel it strong through your clothing.

I took some time to take some photos.. well maybe a ton!! hahaha I'm just sharing a few here today.

Anyways, we started the hike and it had not even passed 5 minutes when I realized that I was in the right place and at the right time. I found myself surrounded by really amazing nature. It was the color of the sands, the form of the rocks, the smell of the air that made every single nature uniquely beautiful.

moab Utah Courthouse Towers

Moab Utah balanced rock

moab Utah Courthouse Towers

Moab Utah delicate arch

delicate arch Moab Utah

As I sat down for a second, I just could not get enough on my eyes. The view is amazing from up there!!

Moab Utah delicate arch

My mom was just a little afraid that she could fell down, but it wasn't enough to her to quickly find out that it was truly beauty what she had around her.

balanced rock Moab Utah

Moab Utah

It is not the big things that will give us happiness, the numbers of likes, the quantity of money, the grade you got on your last exam, the numbers of years you have been on Earth... they do not mean everything. YOU are so much more than those numbers. Your true VALUE as a human being do not come from those numbers, they might be important sometimes, but they don't define you! It is the VALUE that you bring to the world, that is what really matters, the relationships you strengthen, the service you give to friends, the love you show to your family, the memories you build with them together. Those are the things that will really matter, that will define you, that will give you pure happiness and a pure heart. It is the small and simple things that will become big, those little moments you have every single day with family and friends, those small acts of kind, those experiences you live...That is what you will take with you eternally in your heart!

Moab... I'll be back.

xoxo Kenia

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